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Takeaways from Expansion 101: Who, What, When and How

Takeaways from Expansion 101: Who, What, When and How

An Update on Meadowridge School’s Audacity Campaign

If you weren’t able to attend last Thursday’s Community Information Session, we’ve got you covered. Read onward for six key takeaways and the answers to our community-submitted questions.

1. Six purpose-built spaces will be added as part of the Audacity Campaign.
In addition to the High School Complex (completed in November 2019), the Audacity Campaign will add the Burke Hall & Administrative Centre, Gymnasium & Fitness Centre, Library & Community Centre, renovated Elementary Arts and Music classrooms, and the Visual & Performing Arts Centre.

2. With each build contingent on the next, a building timeline has been devised.
Following the High School Classroom Complex, the Burke Hall & Administrative Centre and Gymnasium & Fitness Centre will come next. This is so that, once completed, administrative teams can move into their new space and make room for the Library and Community Centre to be built. With the library moved, the Elementary Arts & Music classrooms will shortly follow. Following these additions and renovations, the Visual & Performing Arts Centre will come last. Many smaller projects, including moving of our back portables and uniform shop, will take place in between these major builds to accommodate necessary movements and shifts.

3. Spaces are modelled to accommodate planned growth.
As a continuation of the 25-year strategic plan released in 2012, the expansion will add the spaces necessary to grow to 750 to 780 students. This also includes the financial planning and framework provided at that time, as well as the educational intentions set out.

4. Every space has been thoughtfully planned and will ease current tensions.
From the Burke Hall to the Visual & Performing Arts Centre, the expansion will add spaces throughout the school to gather, collaborate and learn. With a growing student population, spaces will also ease current tensions. Right now, there is not enough gym space for all our teams to practice, or to host large tournaments, or to run concurrent PHE classes. In the theatre, six lunchtimes must be planned to allow every student to dine. Through the expansion, new spaces will eliminate these issues and will support better programming across the school and nurture a greater sense of community for all.

5. Progress is already underway (but you probably won’t see ground break until later next fall).
In addition to the recent relocation and renovation of the Uniform Shop, upcoming projects include a BC Hydro electrical upgrade and a Middle School boiler upgrade. All of these smaller projects fit into the larger building timeline and have been planned to accommodate the new spaces. While you may notice some construction vehicles and personnel on-site, these projects won’t affect day-to-day school operations.

6. Drawings will be submitted to the city for approval in the spring.
Drawings will be submitted to the city for permitting this spring (tentative). Permits are issued by the city between 4 and 18 months after the date of submission. Following approval, construction will begin.

7. Communications will inform and update families all along the way.
Regular updates will be provided throughout the Audacity Campaign and made available on our regular communications channels as well as the expansion homepage, This page will be updated continuously, so check in often.

Photos from the Expansion 101 Information Session

Community Questions

How will the school manage noise during construction?
The school has a longstanding relationship with Titan Construction, which has worked with us for many years and on many projects, including the Theatre and the High School Classroom Complex. Titan Construction plans construction to keep interruptions to a minimum and works around any major school events.

Will the Audacity Campaign enable more sports and programs to be offered?
Student population, not buildings, is what helps the school offer more programs and sports. This is why we hope to grow our enrolment to 780, because more students means more interests means more involvement. Having more students lets us add sports teams and programs to accommodate student interests and needs.

Are we planning on adding charging stations as part of the build?
Yes, with the BC Hydro Electrical upgrade we will have the capacity to add electric charging stations around campus. Location and timeline are yet to be determined.

Are we meeting BC seismic requirements?
Yes. BC Building Code requires us to build earthquake-resistant buildings. The team looks at the strongest possible earthquake and sets its standards to meet it. Designated as a high-importance building, Meadowridge School must also surpass these expectations by 30%.

News & Updates

We talked to The Dong Family about Meadowridge's impact on their family and why they've decided to donate towards the campus expansion.

For the Liu Family, supporting the Audacity Campaign was “about trust.” When the family of four first joined Meadowridge, they were not just new to the school, but to the country. 

When Mr. Scott Spurgeon first joined the school, there was no place for students to work out, run track, long jump or dance. There was only one playing field (the backfield was then still piles of “shrubs, trees, and dirt”) and one gymnasium.