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Audacity Donors: The Dong Family

How has Meadowridge School impacted your  family’s life?

Jason came to Meadowridge School for Grade 9 directly from China. At the time, we had many concerns. Would he be able to keep up with the learning at school? Could he adapt to the new environment? It soon became clear we did not need to worry. Jason soon had his own social circle and grown close to his teachers and classmates, and we heard about all the interesting things he was learning at school. By the end of the first term, Jason had more than adapted. It is encouraging and a great relief for our family that Jason can study in a school with high-quality teaching and learning and facilities.

What is the ‘Meadowridge difference’ that has shaped Jason?

Meadowridge is an international independent school, admitting students from all around the world. Students at Meadowridge come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds. Meadowridge treats every child equally no matter where they are from, and this helps children to trust the community. Teachers at Meadowridge treat every child with the greatest enthusiasm and love which helps them learn to be equal, friendly, and inclusive themselves. I think this is the most important reason why our family likes Meadowridge. 

We also appreciate that Meadowridge won’t force students into anything. Growing up in such an environment helps students focus on what they’re really good at. We are happy to see how this has helped Jason grow into a self-confident and mature student who is very accepting and inclusive. 

What inspired you to donate your entire MEID to the Audacity Campaign?

It took time for us to learn that all the campus expansions and renovations rely on donations from our community. It takes everyone’s effort to help all the students at Meadowridge have a more spacious and functional campus. We, as one of many Meadowridge families, have a responsibility to do our part and repay the school and ensure a better future.

"We are happy to see how [Meadowridge] has helped Jason grow into a self-confident and mature student who is very accepting and inclusive."

What is your hope for Meadowridge’s future? For the impact of your gift?

It is our honour to contribute to the school’s Audacity Campaign and help with the campus expansion. We hope that, by seeing these donations, students will know how to be grateful and give back. We also hope that the gift will help the school to enhance the campus, attract great teaching talents, and nurture more and more outstanding Meadowridge graduates who are internationally minded. If every family can make their contribution to the school, the future of Meadowridge will be better and brighter!

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We talked to The Dong Family about Meadowridge's impact on their family and why they've decided to donate towards the campus expansion.

For the Liu Family, supporting the Audacity Campaign was “about trust.” When the family of four first joined Meadowridge, they were not just new to the school, but to the country. 

When Mr. Scott Spurgeon first joined the school, there was no place for students to work out, run track, long jump or dance. There was only one playing field (the backfield was then still piles of “shrubs, trees, and dirt”) and one gymnasium.